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Re: release critical bugs, 51451 (premissions tempfile, ld.so.conf)

> Package: xaw95g, xaw95, xaw3dg, xaw3d, nextawg, nextaw, libc5, lam2

Does this syntax work? I don't see this bug for libc5, nor did I
get it for xaw3d*. I only got it for xaw95g.

> Severity: important

Are you sure? It only creates problems when root has
rather strange umask settings.

> These programs were found make use of the `tempfile' program while
> updating ld.so.conf.
> The problem with this, is that tempfile creates the file using the current
> umask. So if root installs these packages with a umask of '077', or
> something similar, then ld.so.conf will end up not being mod 644. This
> leads to all sorts of problems WRT resolving library dependencies.
> Please chmod ld.so.conf to mode 644 after replacing the file so as to
> avoid this.

OK, but I assume I need to do that in 4 packages. And I'm low 
on time for this type of `release critical' bugs (that probably also
were present in slink). If anyone wants to NMU my packages
(xaw95*, xaw3d*), then they are welcome.



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