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Unidentified subject!

Hi Andreas, 

On Thu, Dec 09, 1999 at 02:11:56PM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
> To solve my own problem I found smupsd (see my ITP for
> this package).  It is in incoming now.

Great. Thank you very much :) Which reminds me - our server is currently 
running potato without such a daemon as I did not recompile the package *arg*
I have to do that soon before the next power outage I presume.

> I uploaded my ssd package to *experimental*.  I do *not*
> intend to maintain it any further except for the case,
> someone sponsors me a serial cable, which is able to
> process simple signaling.  In this case I'd try to get
> the beast working.

Okay, I will try ssd first.

> Because there was some interest in the package I decided to
> put it into experimental.  Perhaps someone can test and
> adopt it.  I would sponsor maintenance of a non Debian developer.

I will adopt it if it works for me. 

> The package which should apear in experimental soon
> is in the following state:
> 1. It compiles well.
> 2. The package builds lintian-clean
> 3. I've send e-mail to the author with my intention and a sugestion
>    for a patch, but didn't get any answer since one week.

Great work again.

> Hope this would help somebody.  If the package wouldn't be
> adopted I would suggest to remove it sooner or later from
> experimental.

... or move it to orphaned :)

Thanks for your work Andreas. I know I promised to test your package 
but I did not have the time or I had to work on other things with 
higher priority respectively.

I have to test ssd now since otherwise our server will not notice the 
power failure on new years eve ;)

Thanks again


<Overfiend> We should not let Xu have this package. [libncurses5]
<Bluehorn> Overfiend: OTOH - what could you split from libncurses? ;)
<cerb> one package per .h
<Myth> with a user per header
<vaidhy> We can also have each terminfo in  a separate package :)

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