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Flaw in installation disks-i386 for potato with base2_2.tgz but s till able to install if ignore PCMCIA

I finally figured out that I can still install 
and get the PCMCIA packages though I said
choose to ignore its setup/configuration during initial installation console
of /debian/dists/potato/main/disks-i386.

If you choose it. Then the whole installation crashes because of
Therefore, I had to do slink and apt-get update to potato until I figured
out that no one
else saw it because the probably didn't install by laptop. So I choose to be
until I figure out the culprit.

The may help ease other laptop goer's to install the latest debian ...
necessary for 
blackdown's linux jdk1.2.2rc3 developer's because I needed to develop w/
Otherwise, the only alternative is RedHat 6.1 but I liked Debian so I kept

Valdis Victor Vitayaudom

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