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Re: Is anyone using the oneliner package?

David Starner wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 09, 1999 at 12:59:08PM -0800, Jamey Sharp wrote:
> > So I'm trying to decide whether I should request the removal of
> > oneliner, or fix the bugs in it. The only reason that I can see to
> > *not* request oneliner's removal is if someone is actually using it.
> > My question, then, is: Are any of you using the package oneliner?
> According to the popularity contest (which is great for this type of
> stuff, BTW), one person has used it recently, and 27 people have it
> installed. Out of a sample of 700 odd people, selected in part because
> they have a tendency to go "hey, that's cool!  I'll install it!."

Hey, cool data! :) I had tried a while back to find out where popularity
contest results were stored, and couldn't find it - where is it?

And Daniel's question ("How does popularity-contest track recent use,
btw?") goes for me as well. <grin>

Anyway, now I wonder whether any of those 27 (26?) care if I remove it,
and I don't think popularity-contest is going to tell me that. :) There
are apparently more people than I expected with it installed; I was hoping
I'd find nobody had it installed anyway, in which case this would be an
incredibly easy decision. :)


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