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Re: revisited ITP: webmin

Nick Moffitt wrote:
> 	Mostly because "Suggests" seems to be something along the
> lines of "This package has nothing do do with the one you're
> installing, but the package maintainer really likes it!"

I'm afraid you're cutting us a bit short.

> Package: grace

Already answered by someone else.

> 	Okay, so I see PostScript, HP-GL, and framemaker in there.  No
> image-free HTML, however.  Why the hell does it suggest lynx?  My only
> conclusion can be that Mr. Zanardi likes lynx and thinks people should
> just generally install it.
> 	Some of them are a bit more ridiculous:
> Package: gettext
> Suggests: emacsen

gettext has extensive emacs support, and uses emacsen to register all its
support code with the various emacs' and byte compile it and so on.

> Package: sam
> Suggests: ssh

sam has some weird mode that requires it to connect to a remote machine and
run sam in remote mode. This according to the code, I didn't dig deep enough
to find out what this would really be used for. ssh is a better choice than
rsh, surely.

see shy jo

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