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Re: FTP servers

On Wed, Dec 08, 1999 at 08:37:25PM -0700, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> On Wed, 8 Dec 1999, Steve Lamb wrote:
> > Jeez!?  Who the hell is getting ls to consume 10Mb in its cache?  I
> > wanted to see if I could get it up that high and I've been sitting
> > here with an ls-lR running for the past 10 minutes on my box from /
> > and I'm up to 4Mb.  Might I
> Do a ls -lR on a directory tree with about 50000 files in it. Flood
> knows about this, I yelled at him almost a full year ago about this
> issue. The latest proftpd apparently has about 50% less memory usage,
> but it is still crazy useless.

i thought proftpd didn't support 'ls -R'....must have changed since i
last looked into it (over a year ago)

is it feasible to disable recursive listings in proftpd and require
people to download 'ls-lR.gz' instead? this could be generated by the
same cron jobs which maintain the archive.

i do something like that on my mirror. i mirror debian to my machine at
work, and the mirror job generates ls-lR.gz for my machine at home to
use when i mirror debian from work to home. i did this because (at the
time), proftpd didn't do recursive directory listings. got it working
and ignored it ever since.

course, it's not perfect. not 100% up-to-date...but IMO that's a small
price to pay if it stops excess memory consumption and prevents the load
avg from going sky-high due to several simultanous 'ls -lR' runs. same
problems as GNU locate, and the same benefits too.


craig sanders

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