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Pine/PiClone development

Ok, this is a new topic because I lost the last one (and accidently
deleted the message that I wanted to reply to).

I'm not a debian developer, but I would like to try to work with someone
one the PiClone or whatever it is (if someone is willing to work with
me... I can do C++ just fine, but don't know how to package anything, or
the best method for making a debian/Linux package).  If someone has
started it, send me a note, and info about how best to cooperate.

I'm sending this from pine, cuz it is the only way to use mail on several
systems on the campus that I'm on.  A free alternative would make me very

Lets stop talking, and start coding!

John Parejko

parejkoj@gridley.acns.carleton.edu (please cc: replies to this address)
Student, Carleton College

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