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Re: Travel Assistance (was: Re: Debian at the bazaar?)

"s.blood" <sblood@thebazaar.org> writes:

> Hey all-
>  I'm finalizing travel, hotel and conference passes for the Debian Crew.
> If you all could email me with final anwsers on attendance and your travel
> info that would be great. 
>  I'll get hotel and conference confirmations out to you in the next couple
> of days.
> -steve


I'll be there.  Coming up by Amtrak Monday evening, returning by Amtrak 
Thursday evening, and planning to stay with at my brother's apartment 
in the city [unless you feel it's important for us to stay at the hotel, 
and are willing to pay for that -- I *honestly* have no preference, and 
don't want to spend your money needlessly].

Will Debian have a booth?  Internet connection?  PCs?  Signs?  What 
decisions do we have to make?  

Alex and Tom, are you still going?

Sean, are you going?  If not, do you (or anyone else at VA) have stuff
(or ideas) from previous exhibits that might help us?

Other Developers, the same questions...  Please answer if you know
*anything* we might find useful. 


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