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Re: freedomization task list [was: Re: Dangerous precedent being set - possible serious violation of the GPL]

On Wed, Dec 08, 1999 at 01:01:11AM -0500, Caspian wrote:
> 100-200K and EMACS =, well... let's just say they don't call it "eightteen
> megs and constantly swapping" for nothing ;)

I always thought it was eighty!

> program would probably be faster, almost definitely be smaller, and
> DEFINITELY be more portable and easier to compile than pico and PINE. No
> one would want to use pico/PINE any more. This could be a major victory, I

A major victory would be if people stopped using such a functionless
editor altogether. I'd rather use EDLIN!

Hamish Moffatt VK3SB. CCs of replies on mailing lists are welcome.

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