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Re: Debian on a 386? Unlikely. (was: ramblings about old hardware,gzip, bz2, and pentium op)

> > > Anyway there are many people using Debian on 386 and 486 machines :(,
> >
> > I'm not so sure of that any more...  We use a 486-25 at work with 8MB
> running debian hamm on 386sx/20, 8m, 116m disk

Now upgrade that to Potato.  Go on...  I dare ya!  <grin>  If you start
now, you might be done before the Y2K bugs make the power go out.  ;-)

> > of RAM and 80MB of disk.  It runs a fine firewall/dial-up server.  In
> > fact, the only thing it _can't_ do is _upgrade_!  Debian has gotten
> > sooo big, that I have to make a 4 to 8MB swapfile (8MB swap partition)
> > just to run dpkg, which is difficult on the limited disk space.  Dselect
> > takes about 20 mins just to bring up the selection screen.
> >
> > Of course, I have a 486dx2-66 with 64MB of ram and 2GB disk that runs
> > Debian just fine.  I doubt there are many 386s out there with more
> > than the first system, though.

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