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Re: ITP: pine4

Actually not so big difference. But there are some things I don't like. 
Some unnecessary interface changes. The look and feel is a little
different. Maybe I am becoming too conservative, but I don't like it and
still want 3.96. Check 4 for you and decide. Maybe you will like it.


On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, Andreas Tille wrote:

> On Wed, 8 Dec 1999, Julian Stoev wrote:
> > Thank you for this. I was starting to feel uncomfortable, because I like
> > 3.96 and for some reasons I don't like 4 and I was expecting Debian to
> > switch to 4.  I would like to be able to stay with 3.96 for now, so your
> > idea is very good for me.
> It seems taht the difference is bigger than the version number
> step would indicate.  Are there some reasons to prefer the old
> version?
> Kind regards
>            Andreas.

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