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Re: freedomization task list [was: Re: Dangerous precedent being set - possible serious violation of the GPL]

I really doubt it. For one, pico's command set is very different from
EMACS's, (this would, of course, make it a pain in the ass to program
EMACS to have pico's key bindings) and it behaves in very different ways--
for instance, I run Debian, and the version of EMACS that Debian comes
with, when run under X, spawns off an X-ized version of EMACS, rather than
merely running the text-only (console?) version in the xterm. I don't like
this. It's not how pico operates-- and thus, this would have to be coded
around. More importantly, EMACS is huge. Pico is tiny-- 156K versus 1.81M
on my system, just binaries-wise (and we all know that EMACS loads up
basically a whole OS worth of libs ;) ). Pico is tiny, albeit tricky to
compile-- the clone would be tiniER, and easier to compile-- and free.
EMACS is free-- but huge, and hardly anyone would want to have to install
a gigundo EMACS package to be able to use their old pico knowledge.

Thing is, pico is basically a very -simple- editor. It'd be fairly easy
to clone, and by cloning pico, people would have a small, fast, pico-like
editor-- but it'd be totally free. Then, the lib that someone recently
mentioned-- libmailbox?-- could be used, in conjunction with the PiClone 
(or whatever it's called) code, to build the PINE clone relatively easily. 


On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, Richard Stallman wrote:

> Would it make sense to program Emacs to emulate PICO?
> Could this be done well enough to make PICO users happy?

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