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Re: Package Pool Proposal

On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, Craig Brozefsky wrote:
> Alisdair McDiarmid <alisdair@wasters.org> writes:
> > On the contrary. I have a network here with five machines all
> > running current potato. If I didn't have a local mirror, all five
> > machines would have to download upgrades from ftp[.uk].debian.org,
> > taking more bandwidth than a partial mirror of potato.
> Could you just configure apt-get to share it's archive directory
> between all the machines?  That way you only have to download any
> desired .deb once for all the machines, but won't have to mirror any
> non-desired packages.
> man apt.conf and look for Dir::Cache parameters.

You could also give apt-move a try.  apt-move is a shell script that will
move packages out of apt's cache directory into proper mirror format.  You
can also tell it to mirror an arch (apt-move mirror), download the
packages that you currently have installed (apt-move sync), create
package lists, and remove obsolete packages.  It will use a .exclude file,
so you can exclude big packages such as emacs, other languages, etc.  I
have a local partial mirror of i386 main, and it takes up 1035714.  I'm
using the default .exclude file.  All you do now, is add a deb file:/ line
to your sources.list, or create a link from wherever the mirror is to your
apache htdocs root, or ftp root, and other computers on the network can
use your mirror.

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