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Re: death of the gif format

On Mon, Dec 06, 1999 at 12:30:56PM +0000, Johno Sullivan wrote:
> Hi all,
> wrt to discussion to remove gifs and related utilities from potato. 
> This won't help much in killing the format. Debian is a very small % of
> total OS out there. I need gifs for the work I do (web development).
> Clients need to see the work that is done. Some people won't upgrade to
> potato if there are no gif utilities in it. 
> result: Weaken Debian to weaken gif format. Which is more important?

I (proposer of the whole thing) never proposed to have NO gifs at all in
1) I talked about woody. This need more time.
2) All gifs will be made via pixelstreams to a2gif. If you want gifs
you install just ONE package, and every picturemaking utility can
use pipe to save files. Loading files will be as easy as is now.
My proposal was to get rid of CODE making gifs not ABILITY to make gifs.

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