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Re: libgd-perl moving to PNG

David Huggins-Daines <dhd@eradicator.org> writes:

> I would like to continue to have the current (non-free, GIF-using) package
> available, but probably under a different name.  If they both contain GD.pm
> and GD.so, though, I will either have to make them conflict, or have them
> divert these files - opinions?

There's no good reason for libgd-perl to be in non-free, that I
can see.  The current bad reason for libgd-perl to be in non-free
is that it uses libgd from non-free (which would actually place
libgd-perl in contrib, go figure).  For its part, libgd is in
non-free because *older versions* had LZW compression code.
Newer versions of libgd use run-length compression instead, which
is not patented.

Couldn't you just fix this?  There's a 252-day-old bug
(Bug#35167) on this subject.  Please, take a look at it.

IMO, the proper solution is to release a libgd that supports
*BOTH* GIF and PNG, and I see no reason why this shouldn't or
couldn't be done.

Just my $2e-02.


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