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libgd-perl moving to PNG


I'm adopting the libgd-perl package and bringing it up to date with the
current version.  I have packages for alpha, powerpc, and i386 mostly ready
to go.

However, there is a big change in the new version.  First, it now builds
against the system's installed libgd1g (this is a good thing), and because
of this, it now outputs PNG instead of GIF (this is also a good thing).

This is also a bad thing, because it will break any Perl code that expects
GD.pm to have a gif() method and output GIF files.

To maintainers of packages depending on libgd-perl:  Are your packages
PNG-aware?  If not, can they be easily made to do so?  I won't upload until
I've heard from you that they are.

I would like to continue to have the current (non-free, GIF-using) package
available, but probably under a different name.  If they both contain GD.pm
and GD.so, though, I will either have to make them conflict, or have them
divert these files - opinions?

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