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RE: discovery: debian menu already supports l10n!

On 04-Dec-1999 Chris Waters wrote:
> Well, I just thought I'd pass this along.  I've been playing around
> with the Debian menu system, after some complaints on the -gtk-gnome
> list that Debian menus don't support localization.  To my suprise, the
> Debian menu system *can* support l10n!  It's a little ugly, and could
> use improvement, but it works.

not to poke, but it is I 18 N.  The 18 represents the number of chars between
the I and N in internationalization.

> So, there you have it.  So, now the question becomes, do we want to
> try to take advantage of this?  Only a few menu systems actually
> support l10n at this point, but one of them is Gnome, which is pretty
> visible.  I think it might be worth going forward somehow.

Debian must support i18n.  We should also strive to help out our Asian friends
who need multibyte support.

This seems like a major kludge.

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