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Re: help with debian-cd

First, there's the debian-cd lisrt for discussing this kind of thing.

Le Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 10:47:21PM +0800, Paul Harris écrivait:
> - why is the "symlink farmer" method of this system not recommended?

Because it's not tested and the code is not as clean as I'd like it 
to be.

> - why does this happen:

Because the standard system is not perfect and contains conflicting
package. Some other are missing ...

> this is cool right? its just like this because potato is stuffed atm?
> it looks the same for the first chunk whether i run status or
> correctstatus... thats right right?

Yes, correctstatus depends on the status target. This has been a bit
cleaned in the CVS version, make status will automatically call
correctstatus if needed.

> $ make list NONFREE=1 NONUS=1 COMPLETE=1 SIZELIMIT=765460480

No, read (again) the README file.

NONUS should already be exported and should contain the non-US mirror
path. NONFREE=1 should also be exported (some scripts use this environment

> whats the deal with the line 137 problem?

Some source packages don't have any "section" field and I use 
this information in order to sort the source packages. Those warnings
are just warnings. :-) The script does still work.

> thats cool right? the make status should work right? as the list supplied
> IS going to split up that onto 2 cds right? 


> and is there seperate "non-US" cds produced? what about "non-FREE"? it

Non, non-us is included on the same CDs. Non-free too (but you shouldn't
create CD with non-free anyway ;-)).

> would be nice to be able to produce seperate sets if i wanted, and thats
> what i thought happened. i only see 2 sets (binaries + source).

If you want this, juste do it. Create a script that does generate the list
of non-free (or non-us) packages and use this file as a task used to
select the packages you want on you CD set (just don't use COMPLETE=1 on
the make list command).

> also: when run with VERBOSE=1, there are heaps of:
> WARNING: Package `pcmcia-modules-2.0.35' has no sources ... (ignored)
> WARNING: 'alias' does not appear to be available ... (ignored)
> pine doesn't exist...
> WARNING: smbfsx cannot be accepted, it doesn't exist ...
> and others...

Yes, YACS does many checks in order to produce consistent CDs. And it does
ouput some information when something is missing and so on ...

> what do i do about these things? should i use this to file bugreports? 


> i found a BUG (shock horror) in the debian-cd stuff, basically it uses

It's not a bug but a feature, it's documented. :)

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