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Re: ITP: xfs-xtt

On Wed 17 Nov 1999, Gregor Hoffleit wrote:
> I wonder how xfs-xtt compares to the existing xfstt package. Is there a
> reason that it does not conflict with xfstt ? xfstt seems to run alongside
> with xfs, while xfs-xtt replaces xfs. Any advantages/disadvantages of the
> one or the other method ?
> If we really have both packages in the archive, it would be nice if they
> could point out their pros and cons compared to the competing package in
> their README.Debian's.

Well, I have the distinct impression that xfstt suffers from a memory
leak. It was up to VSZ 14124 here. Upon stopping and starting, it was
back to 1712, and to 6400 after some mild usage.

Paul Slootman
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