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Re: Window Maker/WPrefs and NFS on potato


On Sun, 14 Nov 1999, Herbert Xu wrote:

> > I understand that fcntl locks don't work over NFS, but apparently fcntl
> > used to set errno to ENOLCK if you tried it, while now it sets it to
> > EACCESS.  That's apparently why the same code worked fine on
> I'm using the user space NFS server here with a 2.2.12 client that's not
> mounting with nolock (if you use nolock, there would be no error at all).
> The error I get is ENOLCK as you would expect.

I have started using nolock to avoid this problem.  It definitely does
seem like a legitimate problem, I'm just not sure where.  Maybe I will try
a different kernel on the client.  I don't think that will help, because
2.2.11 works fine on my slink client, but not the potato client.  I have
to suspect glibc, because that's the only major difference between the
slink and potato clients.  They're running the same kernel, and the client
code is the same.

> Are you running knfsd on the server, and if so, are you running rpc.statd on
> the client?

No, I'm using the user space server.  What advantages does the kernel
space server have?  Performance hasn't really been an issue because of the
small number of clients.


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