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Sponsoring new maintianers, and package uploads

I have offered to sponsor Hwei Sheng TEOH <hsteoh@cs.toronto.edu> as a new
maintainer applicant, but I have no idea about the current status of such
activities, nor how to go about the task.

He has taken over the axe package, and has done some very good work
bringing the package up-to-date. The question is, just how do I get this
work into the archives?

If I do a non-maintainer upload of his package, leaving him as the
designated maintainer, isn't this going to cause problems, as he is not on
the maintianer rolls? On the other hand, I want him to have the credit for
doing the work, so I don't want to "take over" the maintainership. Is
there a "proper" method for doing this?

Waiting is,

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