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Policy on X requirements.

Dan Merillat writes:
 > Lately more and more text packages are adding X extensions.
 > Quite often these are useless or even counter-intuitive (taking
 > mouse control focus in vim inside of an Xterm, for instance)
 > Since for most of these packages the X support is a hack or kludge,
 > it really should be kept seperate.  vim is fully useful without
 > being compiled with X support.  a seperate package (vim-x) containing
 > simply the vim binary would suffice for X support.

You should read debian-policy.  The current policy is to keep _archive_
bloat down by making these packages depend on the (relatively small) xlib6g.

 > Other packages I've noticed that suffer from GUI bloat:
 > mtools.  Quick, who can tell me why mtools needs xlib6 installed?
 > who can tell me why this functionality is needed in a command-line
 > program (with NO graphical output whatsoever)?  And why it can't
 > be in a seperate package?

This has been hashed out many, many times on debian-devel.  Check the archives.

Colin Walters <levanti@verbum.org>
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