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Re: X11 broken by weekend upgrades? ("can't find default font")

>>>>> "BS" == Brian Servis <servis@purdue.edu> writes:

    BS> *- On 8 Nov, A.J. Rossini wrote about "X11 broken by weekend
    BS>    upgrades?  ("can't find default font")"
    >> I've got a nasty case of broken X configuration, due to a
    >> recent upgrade over the weekend ("Can't find default font,
    >> Fixed").  I might added a number of xfonts (xfont-jmk? and some
    >> Chinese, since I'm learning) and things aren't working.
    >> Any thoughts?
    >> Please cc me directly; this is the first time since 1990 that
    >> I've broken an X configuration this badly and the usual things
    >> havn't solved the problem!

    BS> Have you tried restarting the font server?  I upgraded to
    BS> potato over the weekend and when X restarted it complained of
    BS> the same thing.  A simple: '/etc/init.d/xfs
    BS> restart;/etc/init.d/xfstt restart' fixed it.

Okay, this wasn't it.

It turned out to be an old X server that I'd installed (the problem
with bleeding on the edge -- I was running a locally compiled 3.3.1
server, which I had to do since I installed it prior to Debian having
it (and I needed Matrox G200 support).

Anyway, fixed, now, I hope!

Thanks, Brian...


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