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Le Sun, Nov 07, 1999 at 06:23:44AM -0800, Kevin Dalley écrivait:
> One of the best ways of getting the release-critical bugs under
> control is to freeze potato.  As long as we can upload packages, we
> will upload bugs.  If we freeze now, we can reduce the number of bugs
> to a reasonable level over the next few weeks.  By the time
> boot-floppies are ready the bug count will be at a manageable level,
> and potato will be ready for release.

PLEASE, check where you're posting. And please enforce a reply-to set to
debian-devel for mail on debian-devel-announce ...

Anyway I feel that we're pushing this release too far. Freezing on 1st dec
seemed to be a good idea ... never mind, let's work instead of discussing
on the freeze date. If we're ready before, then we can still freeze

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