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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for November 5, 1999

At 20:20 +0100 1999-11-06, Christian Kurz wrote:
 Package: gcc (main)
 Maintainer: Debian GCC maintainers <gcc@packages.debian.org>
   48527  gcc [alpha]: error compiling fweb

This is also one week old and there's no reaction to it. This is release
critical and also a important package, so I woud recommend finding a
solution soon.

The complex math issues on alpha targets cannot be fixed reasonably in the gcc-2_95-branch. It's already been fixed in the experimental branch, but the fix is not gonna be backportable. So the only solution is to use a different compiler on alpha for problematic packages.

 Package: oskit (main)
 Maintainer: Ed Boraas <ed@debian.org>
   43872  oskit: i586-oskit-gcc forks endlessly

Over two months old without a reaction from the maintainer. So may I
suggest adding a tag STRATEGY Can be removed if not fixed?

I looked at it, it doesn't even compile now.

 Package: termcap-compat (main)
 Maintainer: Christian Hudon <chrish@debian.org>
   48747  termcap-compat: doesn't build from source

Could this package be compiled with the normal gcc or not? If not, I
think fixing the package would be the best solution.

It's supposed to be libc5.

 Package: zsh (main)
 Maintainer: Clint Adams <schizo@debian.org>
   48483  zsh: TRAPEXIT causes seg fault
 [FIX] Fixed in version

This is wrong, that's not a zsh version number.
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