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Re: ITP: xfs-xtt

 Christian Hammers <ch@lathspell.westend.com> wrote
   Subject: Re: ITP: xfs-xtt
   Message-ID: <19991105001111.B409@lathspell>

>> Hello Ishikawa
>> > Intent to package xfs-xtt
>> > 
>> >  Xfs-xtt is X-TT enhanced X Font Server. X-TT's information is following:
>> >   URL: http://x-tt.dsl.gr.jp/
>> What is the different to the following package which is already in main:
>> Package: xfstt

 I read xfstt's source code. Perhaps it is not abel to handle CJKV
character sets(e.g. jisx0208.1983-0), Isn't it? . X-TT (xfs-xtt) have
code conversion functions dynamic loading module mechanism. X-TT
support many character set bellow:

   - Support for the following character sets:
     * For Western languages
        Any ISO8859 (part 1-10, and 15)
        Any KOI8
     * For Chinese
     * For Korean
        KSC5601-1 (EUC encoding)
     * For Japanese
        JISX0201 (ANK)
        JISX0208 (JIS Level 1 and Level 2 Kanji)
        JISX0212 (JIS Auxiliary Kanji)
     * For Vietnamese
     * For Thai
        TIS620.2533 (ISO8859-11)
     * armenian (*-armscii-8, standard armenian encoding)
     * laotian (*-ibm-cp1133 and *-mulelao-1)
     * some DOS and Windows encodings (*-ibm-cp347, *-ibm-cp850, useful for
        dosemu users; *-microsoft-cp1252 also aliased 
        as *-microsoft-fontspecific, which is very useful, as most fonts
        don't use proper unicode values, but claim themselves to be in
        cp1252 encoding (it is the default Windows encoding))
     * arabic (arabic font encoding is a mess; ther is no standardization at
        all, I added some of the most used font encodings,
        *-mulearabic-{0,1,2} as used by MULE, *-microsoft-cp1256 as
        used by Windows, *-xaterm-fontspecific the specific encoding
        used by the arabic xterm 'xaterm', *-asmo-449 a standard
        used on some arabic countries, and *-iso8859-6_8 and
        *-iso8859-6_16 (the so called iso-8859-6-8 and iso-8859-6-16
        font encodings; have you a better idea for the X11 font naming ?)
        used by the Arabic Xmosaic web browser.
     * For Unified Character Set
        Unicode (X clients can use it)

 So, X-TT can handle CJKV character sets better than xfstt.

Sat Nov  6 20:43:25 JST 1999
  ISHIKAWA Mutsumi <ishikawa@linux.or.jp>
      a Exective Director of Japan Linux Association
      a member of Debian project            <ishikawa@debian.org>
      a member of Debian JP project         <ishikawa@debian.or.jp>
      a member of X-TrueType project (TrueType fonts support for X)

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