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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for November 5, 1999

Florian Hinzmann wrote:

> > Package: xfmail (non-free)
> > Maintainer: Sean E. Perry <shaleh@debian.org>
> > [REMOVE] Compiles, but just doesn't work with current xforms.
> > Maintainer doesn't want to fix it, as it is non-free.
> >   48313  xfmail: Crash after editing a mail (libforms problem?)
> I want to take over xfmail and keep it in Debian. 
> I will compile it with libforms0.88-dev as XFMail runs
> stable with that version. The question is: Will libforms0.88
> be part of potato? Right now it is and more than just
> XFMail depend on it.

I have been doing (maintainer-approved) NMUs for XForms.
Yes, there is a libforms0.88-dev in incoming.  libforms0.89 was
initially installed to replace 0.88, but it turns out that the
interface has changed a bit and broke lyx.  So I got together
glibc2.1 versions of libforms0.88, and that is sitting in
incoming now.

We also expect/hope XForms to become DFSG-compliant soon (but
after the freeze), so it's likely that all XForms-based packages
will eventually be in main (but not for potato) if they can be
ported to the latest release (unless old code is also changed in
license) .  After this happens, expect other changes in the
XForms versions/setup in Debian.

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