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Re: Preparing the Release / Freezing potato


Ship's Log, Lt. Yann Dirson, Stardate 011199.1654:
> I was under the understanding that we should use /usr/share/man and
> /usr/share/info at once, without symlinks, as all readers look in both
> places; and that we should start moving does to /usr/share/, leaving
> symlinks from /usr/doc to /use/share/doc for now.
> Is there a misunderstanding on my part ?

I am not aware of the policy status. But right now dhelp finds only some of
the packages as the HTML dir. is only created in one or the apache
configuration lists only one of them.


Alexander N. Benner -=- niko@NOSPAM.christen.net (if you like, remove the NO)

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