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OpenSSH uploaded replacing ssh, please test


I've just uploaded OpenSSH, the binary package for which I've called
``ssh'' so it will replace the non-free version in due course.

I've also uploaded the old ssh, which is now called ssh-nonfree.

I'd appreciate it if people would test it, since it would be nice to
have a free version of SSH ready for 2.2

There are a couple of minor problems you should be aware of:

  It seems to get confused about the bit-length of some keys generated
  with older versions of ssh.  Instead of thinking they are 1024 bits long,
  it will treat them as though they are 1023 bits long.  This seems to be
  harmless, but it does mean that you need to edit the line in your known
  hosts file, replacing the 1024 with 1023.

  It doesn't know about ssh-askpass, so if you normally use that,
  you'll have to use ssh-add in an xterm instead.

  It is meant to point out that you're switching from ssh-nonfree to
  OpenSSH in the config script (using debconf), but it doesn't seem
  to do it.  If someone that knows about how config scripts are meant
  to work could have a look at it, I'd be grateful.

Other than that, it seems to be working well for me.

Oh, testing the replacement of ssh with ssh-nonfree and the new
OpenSSH ssh would be good too.

The packages are on non-us, but until they hit the archive, you'll
probably have to go here instead:


Cheers, Phil.

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