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Re: ethernet hookup

On Sun, 31 Oct 1999, raymond ferrari wrote:

> I have a  3com 3C905-TX card(Parellel Tasking chip) with a Lucent
> 40-0336-004chipset. At bootup eth0 is not being recognized. Please
> explain to me what I need to do to connect up to my isp. I am using a
> COM21 cable modem to connect to my isp by POP3 and SMTP. Obviously this
> card is not recognized on the Debian distro 2.1 that I have just
> installed. Your help is appreciated. Ray Ferrari.

The best mailing list to get user-level help on is the debian-user mailing
list - debian-devel is for discussions of debian development. I have added
debian-user to the Cc. (debian-devel should be removed on any reply to
this :)

In brief, there was an option at install time, which you may or may not
have taken, to tell the system to activate the drivers for your card.

According to the ethernet-howto, which is 


if you have the doc-linux-html package installed, or available on the web,
the driver for your card is '3c59x'.  This means that to try it out, you
should type:

modprobe 3c59x

in some root shell.

If that works, you should add the driver to your conf.modules (or
/etc/modutils/something, with recent packages, but if you're using slink
that doesn't apply).

Hope that helps a bit,


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