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Re: ITP: pine (?)

* Jaldhar H. Vyas said:

> > directories with a lots of contents, the opening of the imap sesion can take
> > ages since imapd scans the entire tree! (at least that's how it looks to me,
> > because when I open a mailbox with IMHO the disk starts to work heavily,
> > load average raises to almost 2). 
> Unfortunately this is one of those issues where I am screwed whatever
> I do.  Stupid c-client is just not flexible enough.  Having the root be
> $HOME means slightly less hassles for me but I know someone out there is
> going to be annoyed no matter what.
I know, the only way is to use the c-client.cf file with the blackbox
feature. That's what I do.
> > strange thing is that after removing the aforementioned message from the
> > inbox by hand, I have to refresh the IMHO page exactly three times for the
> > inbox content to appear. With 4.5 everything works just fine.
> > 
> See bug #48800.  I have a feeling this is related.
Nope. Removing the cram file doesn't help a bit.


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