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Re: Installed netmask 2.3.1 (source i386)

Hi Chris.

> I tend to disagree; unless you can visualize bitmasks in your head, or
> work with them every day, such a tool seems eminently useful.  More
> useful than having to look up the methodology for netmasks in "TCP/IP
> Network Administration" or some other book.

That's what books are for. ;->
If you know what a /24 (256 IPs) is and what a /30 (4 IPs, a transfer net)
is and the *basic* calculation of it, it is a matter of maths. Do the maths. :)

Besides, these numbers are on about every web page that deals with networking
and on cisco.com and on router.de and about everywhere. Print it out once and
pin it up in front of you working place...

I may not count as the typical user, though. *grin*


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