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LPRng in stable non-free or wrong man page?


this is the last part of the lpc man page which is contained in

       LPRng is a enhanced printer spooler system with  function­
       ality  similar  to  the  Berkeley  LPR  software.  In 1988
       Patrick Powell released  the  PLP  (Public  Line  Printer)
       software,  which  went through several evolutions.  Justin
       Mason (jmason@iona.ie) generated PLP4.0 from several older
       releases  of PLP.  In 1992 Patrick Powell release LPRng, a
       completely redesigned and newly  written  version  of  the

       The  LPRng mailing list is plp@iona.ie; subscribe by send­
       ing mail to plp-request@iona.ie with the word subscribe in
       the    body.     The    software    is    available   from

       LPRng is distributed under the GNU  software  license  for
       non-commercial  use, the Artistic License for limited com­
       mercial use.  Commerical support and licensing  is  avail­
       able through Patrick Powell <papowell@sdsu.edu>.

This software should be in non-free. Maybe the license changed, but in
stable it is contained in main. 

Just an old man page which got included? - Don't know, but it's misleading,
isn't it?


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