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Re: question

Bernhard Rieder <e9325898@student.tuwien.ac.at> writes:

> Patrick Spingys wrote:
> > 
> > Hi debian-Team,
> > 
> > become your Linux-Distribution an graphical installation
> > like the commercial distributions, too ?
> I hope not! If so I think I have to switch to slackware!

And if it is an option? If its not an option it will never be accepted.

> A Graphical installation brings just drawbacks and no benefit:
> * Try to install GNU/Linux on a low-end 386 PC.
>   (actually I'm using a K6/200 but we have a 386-based print-server)

How does it handle BIG ps files or is the printer ps capable? :)

> * Some Hardware isn't well supporeted yet (Laptops) refusing
>   any installation (Caldera, RH)

I´m working on a live filesystem (demo-fs) for debian and I can ensure 
you that it will work on Laptops, at least on four different moddels I 
can test myself. My approach is to use the framebuffer support and the 
XFree_FBDev driver. If that doesn´t work on your hardware no normal
installation will work and you are back to hand fixing anyway.

> * graphical installation programs eat more disk-space than
>   text based.

Actually not. The graphical installation would need some browser, but
you probably want that anyway and if not you can remote configure via
another host or switch back to text only mode. Have a look at joey´s
dconfig package that is already utilized by a few packages. It
supports several configure frontends and will be in base hopefully

> I thing a nicely designed curses-menu looks far nicer than a bloated
> overloaded graphical windoze-immitating GUI which makes you ill if
> you have to use it without a mouse. As an option it would be ok but

Exactly my words.

> IMHO a graphical-only installation sucks!


> > I think LaetOS is based on debian, but why work debian not
> > on a graphical installation ???
> Because it sucks and is absolutly unecessary! If you want an OS
> where you don't need a keybord but just a mouse (to crash it)
> stay with windoze!

Aeh, try o install M$ products without a keyboard. How do you type in
the registration. :))))

May the Source be with you.

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