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Network Installs (was: Essential bloat)

Quoting Steve Dunham:
> Still, if we are doing away with the base floppies, we should make
> the network install of base.tgz a little easier to figure out, and
> add FTP and HTTP support.  The "snarf" program is small and can
> fetch files from ftp and http urls; it could be added to
> boot-floppies to get this functionality.  (I haven't looked at the
> 2.2 floppies yet, maybe they do this already.)

        I've got to concur with this.  An http client would be simple
and small.  You could download baseN_N.tgz to /var/cache/ somewhere
and do the install from there.  Hell, make it a
super-default-fallback, complete with a DHCP client.

        And that's another thing that bugs me.  I've been doing quite
a few Debian workstation installs at a place that uses DHCP.
Unfortunately, I have to hand code-in an address that I managed to
reserve, and then apt-get install dhcpcd.  

~$ ls -l /sbin/dhcpcd-2.*
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root        25872 Oct  5 11:41 /sbin/dhcpcd-2.0.x*
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root        21328 Oct  5 11:41 /sbin/dhcpcd-2.2.x*

        Surely a 26k app could be included and if the new bootdisks
use 2.2, that's 5k cheaper.  Mac OS X server (which a co-worker of
mine runs) asks simply "Are you on a network?", and if you say "yes",
it _tries_ DHCP before asking you for IP info.  This strikes me as
good user interface design.

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