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Re: Screen size for apps

> Any applications should run on any resolution and should query the X
> for the screen size during startup (or donīt optionally).
> Programs that need some special mode just fall under the term
> "Buggy". xanim/smpeg/mpeg_play/xaos are buggy, because they donīt work 
> on 24 Bit displays. Moonlight is buggy, since it needs 1024x768-16.
> If you know any more, file bugs against them.
> Oh, I forgot my favourite apps: Netscape wonīt work with 2/3/4/5 bit
> displays and XF86Setup requires more than 320x200.

Isn't this expecting a bit much?  After all, we cannot reasonably
expect authors to extend all programs to work in 2-bit mode--
it just doesn't make sense sometimes.

For example, consider a program to render wireframes
in 3-d with red/blue separation.  It simply requires a sufficient
display.  In my opinion, the same basic problem exists to a lesser
extent with a program which requires a lot of programmer time per
supported bit-depth.  It simply might to better to warn the
users rather than blame the authors.

- Dave

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