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new modutils upload

I am about to upload a new version of modutils. This version has a lot
of changes (including merging *all* Debian patches!). It has a couple
of big changes though that I would like to comment on:

* /etc/conf.modules has been renamed to /etc/modules.conf
* the syntax for modules.conf has been changed. This means that all
  packages that supply a file in /etc/modutils/ that has a path-command
  should be updated!
* the upstream source has some ARM updated, but from what I see not all
  the updates that are in previous Debian package. This means that some
  ARM support might be lost with this update. The upstream maintainer
  is looking in to this, however if anyone can check this and even
  better provide a patch to bring the ARM-support up-to-date again it
  would be really appreciated!


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