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Re: Screen size for apps

On Sat, 9 Oct 1999, Jutta Wrage wrote:

> Several X apps require more then 640x480 or 800x600 pixels. Some can
> be resized but are too large next time started, some cannot be
> resized.
X apps usually don't store the last window size. You can set the initial
size with a -geometry option from the command line or a *geometry resource
in your ~/.Xresources.
But yes, some X apps cannot be reasonably used with virtual resolutions
less than 1024x768 (or even larger) and yes, i agree this is annoying.

> So it would be a good idea to mention the screen size neccessary in
> the package description.
> Maybe there could be added a line "Requirements" for essential
> requirements to use a special appliction, couldn´t it?
The contents of such a line would be very hard to formalize. I think it is
better to put unusual requirements into the long description (as some 
packages already do).
If you have problems with X apps that need large screen resolutions feel
free to file 'normal' or 'wishlist' severity bugs against the package to
make the maintainer aware of the problem. Fixing them requires quite a bit
of code redesign by the original author (or upstream maintainer) in most
cases, but chances are it will be done within the next few years or so
once people start complaining about it :)

Best regards,

Bj"orn Brill <brill@fs.math.uni-frankfurt.de>
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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