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Info files not being recognized

I just install gcc-doc and couldn't find a way to get the documentation short
of C-u C-h i and manually entering /usr/share/info/gcc-1.info.gz in Emacs.

The problem turns out to be the /usr/info -> /usr/share/info move, which
people just started doing without fixing info and install-info and whatever

To fix the situation I had to upgrade info and dpkg (not sure which mattered)
and look at /var/lib/dpkg/info/gcc-doc.postinst and manually run the
install-info line again. 

No dependencies anywhere on either the updated install-info in dpkg, a recent
version of info, nor any conflicts with gcc-docs to avoid having a gcc.info in
/usr/info as well as /usr/share/info.

I'm not sure which package to report this as a bug against.


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