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Re: Packages should not Conflict on the basis of duplicate functionality

Craig Sanders wrote:
> i.e. there's a tiny minority who are inconvenienced by daemons being
> enabled when a package is installed. there would be a huge majority who
> would be inconvenienced if the reverse were true. it looks to me like
> it's an either/or situation (i.e. no way of satisfying both parties
> at once - mutually exclusive needs) so it's a pretty easy choice to
> make...cause the minimum harm/hassle/inconvenience.

I'd just like to share something that came up the other day that makes me
wish daemons starting by default could be disabled. 

I installed debian on a laptop with 16 mb of ram. To keep memory usage down,
I want to turn off all daemons that I can. I made ssh be run from inetd,
turned off gpm, etc. I left gpm installed because I know I'll want to use it
rarely -- when I do I can just run it's init script by hand.

All is fine so far, but I tihnk that when I upgrade these daemons, their
postinsts will re-register them with update-rc.d, and I'll have to go turn
them off again.

see shy jo

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