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Re: lintian support in dinstall

On Thu, Oct 07, 1999 at 08:24:13AM -0400, Raul Miller wrote:
> Can you provide an example of a case where a package should be installed
> despite a lintian error?

Yes, almost *all* packages:
marcus@ulysses[0]:/gnu/src/upload/jade$ lintian jade_1.2.1-10.1_hurd-i386.deb
E: jade: postinst-does-not-set-usr-doc-link
E: jade: prerm-does-not-remove-usr-doc-link
W: jade: FSSTND-dir-in-usr usr/doc/

It is NOT required for packages to have a usr/share/doc for potato.

Then the core Hurd packages, too.

I asked dark yesterday how about processing my bug against lintian to add
the necessary overrides. He said it is very low on his TODO list.

If we are going to reject uploads with lintian errors unconditionally,
I am going to write some heavy loaded flames.

First things first. If you really want to pester the maintainers, send out a
message with lintians complaints, but install anyway. You will get enough
complaints for this already.

It doesn't make sense. Sometimes it is better to install a package with
lintian errors to fix some other security related or critical bug.
Not all lintian errors are important. Not all lintian errors are errors at

If you really want to make it useful, then introduce another error level
"critical" in lintian, and seperate out the really critical bugs that can be
identified with 100% reliability.

And Raul, a side note. Connectivity is expensive here. Reuploading a big
package costs real money. Think about it.


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