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Intent to package: mktclapp

Intent to package: mktclapp

I'm finishing the packaging of mktclapp-3.7 and will be uploading it
to the sponsorship page in a few days (it's my first package). There
are notes and partial results accessible from
<http://www.mat.puc-rio.br/~edrx/debian.html>, if someone is

I don't have a potato system and can only compile it on slink, is
there any problem?

Description: a tool for mixing C/C++ with Tcl/Tk
 Mktclapp is a utility that helps you mix C/C++ with Tcl/Tk to make a
 standalone executable.
 Mktclapp was written by the same author of ET, and it has the same
 goals of ET but it is simpler and has a much cleaner interface. Its
 author encourages all ET users to transition to using mktclapp as soon
 as possible.

    Eduardo Ochs

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