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Need a developer contact in Colorado Springs area

My son just moved to Colorado Springs (booo! not that there is anything
wrong with Colorado Springs except the distance ;-( and while, over the
past several years, I have had no luck in getting him interested in Linux,
since he has moved, he has expressed an interest in learning to build
programs in a Linux environment. (go figure ;-)

He is primarily interested in building a "point of sale" system, and sees
the unnecessary limitations he faces in the M$ environment as finally
being a problem. I suspect, being in a new town, he could use someone of
similar programming interests to "brainstorm" with as well. He is
proficient in both C and C++, so he probably just needs to be pointed to
where things are in a Debian system, and he will be off and running.

If there is anyone in the area who would be interested in making this
contact, please contact me in private e-mail and I'll provide the
necessary information. In addition, I would ask that whoever takes on this
"task" please try to convince him to port his "mill" game to Linux, so I
can package it for the distribution.

Thanks for your time,

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