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Re: in.telnetd and virtual hosting

* Ryan Murray said:

> > > Have you tried actually mounting them in the chroot jail and then having
> > yes.
> > 
> > > symbolic links to them from the real root?  That way there is only one
> > > proc,pts directory ever mounted...
> > You cannot symlink over a pseudo-root. It must all be below it.
> You are symlinking from the real root to the pseudo root.  All the
> "real" files are below the pseudo-root.  The real root has symlinks
> pointing into the pseudo, not the other way around (which is not
> possible, as you mention).
I see - I didn't read it carefully enough. So you say that I should mount
proc and devfs in the chroot jail and then link the real one to them. But
this solution seems to be quite limited - what if I need to create another
chroot jail (and I'll certainly need to do it) - then I'd have to link the
filesystems upwards to the root, which won't work...


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