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Re: Unstable release

On Monday 4 October 1999, at 20 h 44, the keyboard of 
=?iso-8859-1?Q?Staffan_H=E4m=E4l=E4?= <sh@dc.luth.se> wrote:

> I'm just curious about how other people succeed in installing the
> potato release.

As explained, almost nobody "installed" potato. They installed slink (may be 
only the base system) and upgraded.

> trying that. First, I installed it at home, and dselect freaked
> out and started complaining over files that didn't exist. 

The "unstable" (it is called unstable for a reason) archive is not always 
consistent (rsh/netbase, lyx/libforms, etc).

> was due to the fact that ftp downloads the softlinks that point
> to slink packages instead of the actual files. 

I always use apt, so I will no longer comment on dselect.

> Of course, I know that it's an unstable release, but is it really
> this hard to install, 

Install slink, the upgrade with apt. Simple as that.

> If I could just get it installed properly (I run it at home,
> but had to do a lot of manual tuning, and adding all packages
> I wanted using dpkg --force*

NO, NO, NO, this is not redhat.com! Do this on a Debian only if you really 
know what you are doing or you may destroy your system.

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