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Re: new maintainer *must* reopen

On Mon, Oct 04, 1999 at 03:08:01AM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Therefore I request the DPL shall request the new-maintainer team
> ought to either fulfill their duties or else step down from
> new-maintainer.  Moreover, the size of the team (currently 2, AFAIK)
> ought to be expanded to at least 4.  In the long-term, we need to
> start looking for trusted folks who speak certain critical languages
> as well.
> What shall we choose -- fidelity to the spirit of openness and
> cooperation which made Free Software and Debian great, or xenophobia?

I completely agree. this surely is not matter for a vote but, if
we *have* to do something so extreme, count me as a supporter.


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