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Re: xplanet project - volunteers sought

On Sat, 2 Oct 1999, Randolph Chung wrote:

> 2) more importantly though, xplanet uses imlib, which requires a X display
> to run. This means that we can't generate the map easily from a
> non-interactive script (like a crontab or something)
> Would someone be interested/willing to look at the xplanet code and patch
> together something that uses, say, libjpeg instead of imlib? Please email me
> if you are willing to take this one. Thanks!
Sorry, I didn't have time to look at the source code in the near future.
But it is not necessary for all jobs to have a X display to run.  In the
image viewer paul I use some ImLib-procedures also in batch-mode.  May
be you have a look at it.  Of course you can ask me for problems with
paul or how to solve certain tasks in batchmode.  Definitely loading
and saving files doesn't require an X display and this might be what
you want.

Kind regards


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