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Re: ITW/P: freecati

On Mon, Oct 04, 1999 at 01:02:55AM +0200, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 04, 1999 at 08:13:02AM +1000, Craig Sanders wrote:
> > even opt-out lists are the wrong solution...because they don't work very
> > well (especially when usage of them is optional). telephone pests should
> > be limited to calling ONLY an opt-in list, people who are willing to
> > receive unsolicited calls.
> opt-in lists will not lead to usable results, because the statistics
> will be skewed, and you know that.

yep. there's an inherent conflict between those who want to run surveys
and those who don't want to be pestered. i happen to believe that an
individual's right to privacy, right to not be pestered supercedes a
researcher's desire to survey.

so, it's a shame that stats might be skewed but that doesn't justify
bothering people who don't want to be pestered.

btw, if the opt-in list were large enough then there wouldn't be any
skewing of results. most telesales, telemarketing, and tele-survey
people don't want to use opt-in lists because they KNOW that most people
don't want to be pestered by them...opt-in highlights the fact that what
they are doing IS rude, and most people resent it.

OTOH, many people don't mind being surveyed or called by salesdroids. i
find that bizarre, but i guess it's horses for courses.

> Nevertheless, I agree that calling random people is rude.

that's it precisely.


PS: all this is getting even further from relevance to debian-devel, so
i guess we better stop here.

craig sanders

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