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Re: ITW/P: freecati

On Fri, Oct 01, 1999 at 11:22:11PM -0500, Chris Lawrence wrote:

> For the unfamiliar, CATI programs are used to to conduct surveys over
> the telephone (although they can also be used in other contexts).
> Think of an "installation wizard" with a modem dialer and database
> backend, and you've got the idea.  The concept here is basically to
> make it possible to turn mothballed 486es (or eMachines ;-) into
> interviewing stations running Linux for the cost of a network card, a
> good USR modem and a noise-cancelling headset (i.e. well under $200).

IMO, this is morally akin to writing free software specifically to make
spamming cheaper and easier.

if you must write such obnoxious and evil software then please make
sure that it maintains a list of phone numbers NOT to call, so that
those who are sick and tired of market research jerks calling them just
as they get home from work or sit down to dinner can say "PUT ME ON
YOUR DO-NOT-CALL LIST IMMEDIATELY!". write the software so that it is
trivially easy for the telemarketer to add numbers to that list.


craig sanders

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