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Re: Need IRC help for "Open Source / Open Science" conference

"Open" == Open Source/Open Science <osos@phyalpha0.phy.bnl.gov> writes:

Open>  But nobody here so far knows a thing about IRC.

I recommend http://www.irchelp.org/ for a quick primer.

Open> So, I need someone to create an "OSOS" channel on some server
Open> like irc.openprojects.net . Then, I need instructions on how to
Open> start Linux IRC and get on that channel.

Ok OPK is ready, to connect with a console based IRC client like the
bitchx or epic packages, you'd do something like this:

      ~$ bitchx bruce irc.openprojects.net

       /join #osos   


  irc.us.openprojects.net  irc.eu.openprojects.net  irc.au.openprojects.net
      irc.debian.org   irc.redhat.com   irc.linux.org   irc.linux.com

            "Open Source, Open Technology, Open Information"

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